Heroes for Healthcare is a non-profit organization that helps military personnel find their career in healthcare. We offer 4 services. For more information or to help our military, contact us today.

Consultant Service

  • Transition Support - Help guide those interested in a healthcare career.
  • Resources - Provide tools to start and further education and career.
  • Interviews - Get to know the person to develop career path.
  • Career Development Planning - Give direction and options.
  • Housing/Relocation - Develop a plan to help with housing goals.

Employment Prep Service

  • Resume Building - Assist in creating and refreshing healthcare resume.
  • Interview Skills - Provide interview techniques and guidance.
  • Job Counseling - Educate on job benefits and what to ask for with the job.


  • Grants - Partner with organizations and government agencies.
  • Events - Build awareness and raise funds.
  • Scholarships - Offer financial assistance for education.

Educational Service

  • Web Training - Provide online tools and education.
  • Training Center - Offer hands-on skills training.
  • College Partnerships - Create Curriculum specific for military.