Heroes for Healthcare is a non-profit organization that helps military personnel find their career in healthcare.

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Job Placement

  • Let the jobs come to you! – Access e-hired.com, a Heroes for Healthcare partner, to access nationwide jobs and get notifications directly to your email.
  • Let our Partners find the right fit –  Work with Premier Medical Staffing Services, a partner of Heroes for Healthcare and a nationwide staffing agency to find your perfect fit.
  • Proctor – Take your test with us to obtain certifications to work in the healthcare industry


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Consultant Service

  • Transition Support – Help guide those interested in a healthcare career.
  • Resources – Provide tools to start and further education and career.
  • Interviews – Get to know the person to develop career path.
  • Career Development Planning – Give direction and options.
  • Housing/Relocation – Develop a plan to help with housing goals.

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Employment Prep Service

  • Resume Building – Assist in creating and refreshing healthcare resume.
  • Interview Skills – Provide interview techniques and guidance.
  • Job Counseling – Educate on job benefits and what to ask for with the job.


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  • Grants – Partner with organizations and government agencies.
  • Events – Build awareness and raise funds.
  • Scholarships – Offer financial assistance for education.

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Educational Service

  • Web Training – Provide online tools and education.
  • Training Center – Offer hands-on skills training.
  • College Partnerships – Create Curriculum specific for military.


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