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Annually over 200,00 military service members will separate from active duty. Healthcare holds promise as a target industry with jobs for transitioning military veterans given healthcare’s high number of job openings, especially jobs requiring less than a bachelor’s degree and the projected growth in the healthcare industry. According to the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs approximately 3,000 military service members return annually to Wisconsin, the majority return to their communities of entrance.

Based on Heroes for Healthcare’s experience in working with transitioning service members and veterans with healthcare MOS, they face difficulty with their training and experience not translating into civilian healthcare employment. Unfortunately, many are unemployed, underemployed or not working in healthcare. To address this challenge, Heroes for Healthcare, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs,  proposes to use the Commonwealth of Virginia Military Medics and Corpsmen Program, as a model to develop Wisconsin’s program. The Virginia MMAC Program states it is changing the way healthcare hires veterans in Virginia. Click to watch this video to see the first female hire in the MMAC Program.

The following reflects successful hires resulting from the VA MMAC Program in each of the three pathways, through October, 2021:

  • Total Hires – 368
  • MMAC Qualified (Pathway 1) – 146
  • No Veteran Left Behind (Pathway 2) – 157
  • Healthcare Leadership (Pathway 3) – 65

Wisconsin Military Medics & Corpsmen (Wis-MAC) Program

To address healthcare worker shortages and effectively use the talents of our veterans and service members we are asking for the passage of SB 688, to create the Wisconsin Military Medics & Corpsmen program. The program is modeled after the award-winning Virginia MAAC Program, and it is a pathway for returning veteran clinical care providers and practitioners to work, under supervision, in their field while they obtain appropriate education and civilian licensure in the State of Wisconsin.

There are three key outcomes of this legislative bill:

·       Provides Medics, Corpsmen and Medical Technicians with the opportunity for a civilian healthcare job like the one they performed while in service of our country

·       Makes Wisconsin an attractive state for Veterans and Service Members with healthcare experience as Virginia and Wisconsin will be the only states with this type of program

·       Has an immediate positive effect on the shortage of healthcare workers

Legislative Support

ACTION ITEM: SB 688 was introduced in the State Senate November 4, 2021 and was referred to the Senate Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs, Federalism and Constitution on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2021. Now the difficult work begins to gain legislative support for SB 688 begins. 

Heroes for Healthcare asks you to support the passage of
SB 688 to create the Wis-MAC program for Wisconsin. Follow this link to find your state senator and representative and email or call their office and ask them to support SB 688

*This document contains suggested verbiage to use when contacting your official: Wis-MAC Legislative Bill 11-21.

Your support will help bring this award-winning program to Wisconsin and allow service members and veterans to continue their healthcare careers and address the workforce shortage in civilian healthcare.

Click here for the Wisconsin State Legislature’s website

* Click here for the Wisconsin State Senate’s website

The following video reflects on why Wisconsin is a great choice for employers.

About the Roundtable

  • The Roundtable is comprised of thirty-three (33) volunteer representatives from healthcare organizations, veterans service organizations, institutions of higher education, and healthcare associations.

  • Four task groups were developed to review the Virginia MMAC program model and to develop and recommend the program elements for the Wisconsin Military Medics & Corpsmen program. These include:
    *   Legislative
    *   Education/Credential & Regulations
    *   Partner Healthcare Agreement/Scope of Practice
    *   Veterans Recruitment

If you have questions or wish to request additional information about the Wis-MAC Program, contact Joyce Mallory, Community Engagement Manager, by email or call (833) 511-4718.